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What is an Animal Reiki practitioner?

Demystifying Animal Reiki

Any Reiki Practitioner can do a Reiki treatment on your Pet and be beneficial. I think it's essential that we don't turn specialization into separation. Reiki is Universal Energy and will flow to your Pet no matter what.

That being said, whenever you do Reiki to someone, you place your hands on the subject (or on the surrogate in the case of distant Reiki) in specific spots. When we do that, we also get information regarding the state of that subject.

Why is it different than Reiki on humans?

1) Regarding the hand positions:
Animals have an additional main chakra, the Brachial Chakra, and that will require special attention. The Brachial Chakra is the strongest of all chakras in animals and is located on both sides of the body, in the shoulder area. 

Location of the Brachial Chakra.

It is also the channel of access to the other main chakras, through which we can energize all others, and that's why any animal treatment must always start at this Chakra. The Brachial Chakra is the center that links human-animal interaction (where the animal-human bond is formed and maintained), so much so, that Animals that have a healthy and robust connection with their human companions usually have a vibrant brachial chakra.

2) Regarding how to interpret the feedback you receive
Because animals have different anatomy and set of emotions. So, whenever a Reiki Practitioner decided to study this further, he/she can transmit the energy better and interpret whatever happens during the transmission.

Here are some examples of common correspondences of emotional imbalance in animals and the corresponding Chakra:

  • Whining excessively for no obvious reason - 2nd or Sacral / Spleen Chakra
  • Difficulty listening to commands in training - 5th or Throat Chakra
  • Refusing to interact with other animals - 4th or Heart Chakra

Is Animal Reiki is ideal for your Pet?

Animals are continually absorbing and processing sensory information (much more than human beings) due to their survival instincts. In many cases, the imbalances are not caused by just one issue or a single event, but by a series of them, which have evolved often, slowly, but inevitably, leading to a sad result.

Animals try to the best of their abilities to remain balanced; sometimes, they try to stimulate their chakras. For example, we see some animals rubbing a body part against an animal/human companion or some object (a tree, a fence, or even the ground). Reiki helps to keep the Chakras balanced, allowing energy to flow to and through it without obstacles, unlocking them.

As mentioned before, Reiki can be practiced directly with the animal present or at a distance ( even miles or countries away). This is great because it will work even for some animals that do not wish for direct contact (any form of hands-on treatment). The average length of a Reiki treatment is 30-60 minutes.

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