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What else can you do for your Pet regarding Reiki practices?

Attune Your Pet

Experiencing Reiki energy in a session always balances and calms the recipient animal (or person). Still, treatments don't leave the recipient with the ability to carry that energy forward and offer it to others.

To do that, you must be attuned to the Reiki energy, like I was to become a practitioner and master. Besides the ability to do treatments in others, the process of attunement to Reiki provides personal benefit to the student, such as more health and synchronicity.

Benefits of Attuning Your Animal

  • They will become less anxious and more grounded;
  • They will be able to give themselves treatment, meaning that they will have a greater ability to clean their own energy and also deal better with their emotions. 
  • This way, we reduce the probability of them absorbing our imbalances and getting sick.
  • Once they're attuned, it's forever. You don't need to attune them again. 
  • This is especially great for working animals (ex: service and emotional support animals) and dogs.
  • The attunement can also happen from a distance, so no need for troublesome logistics!

That's why many people decide to attune their pets! Yes, that is correct: their animals become Reiki practitioners (level 1, 2, and even master).There are some discussions regarding consent from the pet.

How to Get Consent for Attunement?

Regardless if it's a treatment or an attunement, we always ask for consent. In the case of beings that can give permission, we literally ask for a verbal one. In the case of beings that are not able to consent - either due to severe sickness or, as it is for animals, because the communication is more subjective, we ask for consent from the person responsible for that life and to the higher self of the animal (or person) before the session begins.

One last VERY IMPORTANT thing: you can only attune your animal. You CAN"T under any circumstances request attunement for other people's pets... okay? If you know someone whose pet would benefit from this, just refer them to this link ! ;)

Your Pet Will Thank You

As you search on the internet, you'll see over and over again that the amazing results that this action provides. For me, it's a clear sign that doing this is in alignment with your animal's interest. If it wasn't, how would they all be happier and healthier after doing it?

Our animal companions are unique and love us unconditionally. They're already natural healers working to help us, but be ready to receive even more affection after the attunement. They will be more prone to touch you when you're unbalanced or not feeling good.

Ready for more snuggle? Contact us and schedule your pet's attunement!

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