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The Power of Reiki Animal Healing Music

Check out how the accompaniment of Animal Reiki and music can help your pet.

  • Does your pet experience separation anxiety?
  • Are they discomforted by physical pain?
  • Have they been through trauma?

Maybe they need exposure to Reiki healing, and sometimes, they need the extra treatment of listening to music to further help open the mind and body.

Follow along as we explore the benefits of music for animals.

Harmonizing Music with Animal Reiki

It’s noticeable that animals feel emotions just as humans do. There may be differences in how the emotions manifest, are experienced or expressed, but you know when your pet is giving the nonverbal signs of distress, anger, or excitement. Your furry companion may not fully understand words of comfort, but they can hear the positive tones of healing music.

You may have heard about the types of brain waves we have: alpha, beta, theta, and others. The vibrational frequencies within brain waves are connected to consciousness, calm but alert, and deep meditative states. These are also experienced by our pets. So the music's frequency and tempo reach out to create a soothing and relaxing state of mind for our animal companions.

Alpha waves

Animals may be more attuned and open to the relaxing sounds and vibrations of music than humans. Sage Holloway, the author of Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine, mentions that “animals have not strayed as far as humans from their natural frequency and rhythm.”

So music can provide more opportunities in the effectiveness of Animal Reiki with your pet. Suppose a Reiki practitioner decides to use music in session. In that case, the relaxing melodies reach out to animals' electromagnetic energy, creating a calmness that will help benefit your pet in their healing.

Bernadette Doran, a licensed Reiki Master Teacher, suggests that instrumental music is the best to use during Reiki. She states that in “a Reiki treatment, If you can quiet the mind, the easier it is for Reiki to do its job, and not have to tackle new, incoming tsunamis of cortisol.” She cautions against lyrics or chants as it may keep “the mind active.”

While you may enjoy and relax to the rhythmic sounds of thunder or possible chirps of birds, remember that your pet may feel differently. Possibly thunderstorms are part of why a pet needs Animal Reiki, or maybe a cat has an active interest in birds. These are aspects of an animal's life to be aware of when choosing music for Animal Reiki sessions.

5 Reiki Animal Healing Music Suggestions

Animals can be much like humans in that they may like one song, but not another. They may like specific genres of music and then think nothing of the others. Here are some suggested Animal Reiki music to keep in mind.

1. The Mindful Moment - Relaxing Music and Reiki

This meditation contains powerful subliminal and hypnotic cues that stimulate the subconscious and the parasympathetic nervous systems.

2. Reiki Healing Zone

Soothing instrumental music.

3. Reiki Rachael

Spoken introduction and soothing music.

4. Pet Music Academy

Various music; Soothing music; Nature Sounds.

5. Devine White Light

Nature and Bird Sounds

We hope you and your dear animals are able to find serenity, peace, and healing through the suggest list.

You can apply the information above to Animal Reiki and other similar treatments when calm and relaxed energy is needed. If you’re seeking Reiki treatment for your pet, most in-person practitioners will choose the music or perform the treatment silently. However, if you hire someone to perform distance Reiki on your pet, you can use the information above to plau some music of your choice during treatment.

Please remember to never submit animals in cages, crates or small stall where he or she cannot move away from it to any kind of treatment, including Reiki. The animal must be free to accept or reject the treatment, by moving away from it.

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