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Sense and Sensitivity: The Awareness of Animals During Reiki

Check out the sensibility of your pet’s love for reiki below

Have you ever noticed a cat purring next to you during moments of hardship? Or maybe a dog curls up by your side when you’re sick. 

Animals often come to our aide, so quid pro quo would have us provide in kind. Reiki is one way to give healing to our fur companions. 

When helping a beloved animal, here are some thoughtful aspects of animals and animal reiki

Animals Sense The Energy Around Them

There was a time where it was believed animals were merely slaves to their basic instincts. However, people learned animals are conscious and empathetic within.

As mentioned above, animals appear to sense humans’ emotions. They connect with our energy through joy, loss, and illness.

In a National Geographic interview with Carl Safina, he mentions that he is “struck by how extremely alert they are and how well they sense what’s going on around them. They’re much more aware, compared to humans.”

This awareness is essential to understand that animals need healing physically, mentally, and emotionally too. Reiki’s accompaniment to veterinarian help and other holistic therapies is a beautiful way to meet these needs.

Sensitivity is Key in Animal Reiki.

Many Reiki Practitioners mention similar approaches to healing animals. Most situations for humans allow practitioners to place their hands on a person; however, animals are sensitive to what is around them and sometimes need a more delicate approach. 

For traumatized animals during reiki, they may not handle contact well. Practitioners may suggest proceeding at a distance. They give animals time to find a comfortable space or wait for the pets to approach them. Kathleen Prasad, an author and pioneer for animal reiki, stated in an interview with Marc Bekoff that she developed a method “called the Let Animals Lead™ approach, honoring animals’ sensitivities, wisdom and preferences.”

When a subject cannot provide verbal feedback as most humans can, it’s preferred to take precautions. This allows the best chance for the animals during reiki to receive beneficial healing, which leads to many sessions showing noticeable differences in the animals by the end.

Animals’ Spirits Connect and Respond to Reiki.

A change in an animal’s behavior after a reiki session can range from minuscule to major. Prasad taught animal reiki and did a comparison video, giving an example of her students working with an animal rescue. The video shows noisy animals during reiki on the first day and then follows through to the second day, where there the viewer sees a change in their behavior. She talks about the preparations the students went through to better understand the animals they were connecting with.

Brenda Thornlow, a camp counselor at Camp Canine who practices animal reiki, spoke of her experiences with the animals she’s groomed. She’s been met with dogs who let her know where their physical pain is to dogs connecting with her on their emotional pain. She mentions that animals during reiki with her tend to find calming energy as they come into the groomers. 

These accounts show us that animals can benefit from reiki. 

Animals and humans alike can sense what’s around us, and with the intentions and sensitivity of the practitioners, animals during reiki can find healing. 

Your pet loves reiki offers sessions , wanting to work together to bring comfort to your furry loved ones.

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