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Reiki History: An Interesting Origin Story for You and Your Pet

Know better what you’re getting your pet into by checking out the fascinating story below.

If you’re seeking Animal Reiki for your pet, you probably learned about Reiki and its benefits. Hopefully, you’ve learned the things Reiki is not:

But the fantastic history of Reiki helps clarify the influence of religion, what it is, and how each Reiki Master successor played a part in evolving the energy treatment.

This is not a story you want to skip over.

Who is Dr. Mikao Usui?

The simple answer: A man born in Japan in 1865.

The relevant answer: the person who founded Reiki.

Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui was a lay Buddhist priest, which appeared to influence Reiki’s foundation. Dr. Usui was suggested to go on a 21-day fast and meditation on Mount Kurama. It was there that he founded Reiki.

Tanmaya Honervogt explains that Dr. Usui:

Saw a shining light in the sky which moved quickly towards him. This light struck him in the middle of his forehead (the Third Eye/Sixth Chakra) and he found himself to be in a state of extended consciousness.

They explain that Dr. Usui was filled with a healing energy force and a clear understanding of the symbols and mantras used in Reiki.

Dr. Usui ran down the mountain and ended up badly injuring his toe. When he put his hands on this foot, the pain went away, and his toe was healed. Nina L. Paul stated that “he realized that his hands contained healing energy: reiki.”

Dr. Usui went on to heal others using Reiki and even teaching people the method. In 1926, he passed away due to a stroke. A memorial stone narrates Dr. Mikao Usui’s story.

Though he passed on, he left behind around 2,000 students, which included 21 Masters.

One of those Masters would go on as Dr. Usui’s successor and have a significant impact on this Reiki story.

Now, Who’s Dr. Chujiro Hayashi?

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi was a retired naval officer who was a successor to Usui in Reiki. He became a Reiki Master and created a protocol that put Reiki’s practice into levels of training. Also, Paul mentions that

He prepared a manual of hand positions that treated different illnesses.
Chujiro Hayashi

Usui would teach his student without a manual, thus creating a slightly different learning experience for each one. By creating a protocol, Dr. Hayahsi’s students received more concise training.

Dr. Hayashi, a man from the military, knows the importance of people needing healing. He went on to help fellow naval officers and even teaching them Reiki.

Dr. Hayashi opened his own clinic, and it was there he met someone he would treat but didn’t realize he would train and help them become a vital influencer.

Why is Hawayo Takata So Important?

Hawayo Takata was a Japanese-American from Hawaii who became severely ill with a tumor and needed surgery. Before the surgery, she heard about Dr. Hayashi’s clinic in Japan and traveled to find an alternative. By the end of her Reiki treatment with Dr. Hayashi, she no longer needed surgery.

Hawayo Takata

Takata was so fascinated by the treatment and begged Dr. Hayashi to train her in Reiki. Valerie Oula stated that Dr. Hayashi was reluctant as he “told her that it could only be taught to Japanese born in Japan.” This aspect is shared by other practitioners of particular branches of Reiki.

Once Takata was trained, she went back to Hawaii. Dr. Hayashi helped Takata become a Reiki Master, and she was able to open a clinic in Hawaii. By 1938, she taught Reiki throughout the United States. Takata helped expanded Reiki through America.

While teaching Reiki in the US, Takata taught the history of Reiki. Stories said that Dr. Usui started out as a Christian priest who later studied Buddhism to better “understand the healing methods of Christ,” as Honervogt implies. However, Honervogt explains that Reiki Masters Arjava Petter and his wife Chetna Kobayashi found evidence that Dr. Usui was actually a Buddhist.

Japanese Buddhist temple. (Kiyomizu-dera)

Many people talk about the importance of knowing their past, their history. It’s worthwhile to know the history of Reiki to better understand its roots and healing stories. Learning about Reiki’s past shows us this treatment through time and reinforces its positive influence on people.

We even understand that we can practice this treatment on animals and provide comfort and healing to our pets. From the Buddhist priest on a mountain to pets in our homes, Reiki has impacted many through the years.

Please remember that it is advised that Reiki is a complementary treatment to seeing your doctor or your pet visiting a veterinarian.

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