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13 Awesome Pet Outfit Ideas for National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Style, Fashion, Bare, Costume...Check out these suggestions to figure out the direction you’ll take for Dress Your Pet Day.

Did you know National Dress Up Your Pet Day is on January 14th? For all you animal lovers out there, this is a great day to give an extra bit of pampering to your pet.

Shout out to Colleen Paige, who made this day official. Yes, you can pamper your critter any day, but now there’s a particular date where everyone can come together and bond with their pets.

Whether your pet is known for fashion, or you can barely keep a collar on them, help your pet express themselves on this fun, celebratory day. Take them to the groomers for a spoofy hairdo, dress them up, or put a beautiful, simple collar on them. Show off your good-looking pets. Even if they want to go without any of the bells and whistles, the natural look is so in right now.

If you’re not prepared for this day or you’re looking for something special and new for your pet, check out the list below for great outfits ideas.

1. Prep in That Step

These pets dress to impress and who can say they’ve never looked cuter! It’s only “Picture Purfect” for these preppy pups and classy cattos.

Pupper Tan Plaid Dress
Catto Plaid Bow Tie Collars

2. Spoiled Royal

These pets go for prim and proper, and nothing but the royal treatment will do. They’re no spoiled brats...okay, maybe they are, but how can you say no to these beauties?

Pupper Princess
Pupper King

3. Splendidly Simple

It’s the simple things in life that make the day great. So maybe instead of getting fancy with it, dress your pet in a nice bandana or easy T. Perhaps be a little extra with this suggested Star Wars shirt of Yoda accusing everyone as he says, “Judge me by my size, do you?”

Pupper/Catto Star Wars
Pupper/Catto Fun Bandanas

4. PJs - Petjamas

With how much our furry companions like to sleep, no wonder there’s PJs made just for them! But there are so many patterns to choose from. We suggest going for something that fits their personality. Like a short-legged bassador (basset hound, labrador, t-rex mix) may enjoy an excellent dinosaur onesie!

Pupper Dino PJs
Pupper/Catto Unicorn PJs

5. Never Too Late for a Tutu

What’s cuter than a pet in a tutu? It’s a rhetorical question because we know the answer. Nothing! You can go for a simple tutu to pageant style, and here are some excellent suggestions:

Pupper Pink Glitzy Dress
Pupper/Catto Purple Tutu

6. Leather Doggy

Leather jackets still represent the coolest of the cool. Sometimes, our pets are cooler than us, and its made obvious when you see your pet in one of these tough-looking jackets!

Pupper Born Wild Jacket
Catto Studded Vest

7. Let’s Get Fancy

We’ve shown you the preps and royals; now check out some straight-up fancy looks. Pets can go to prom, right? We know some people put their pets in weddings. Just like brides, why do they only get to wear their outfit once in their furry lives? Show off those fancy styles on Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Pupper/Catto Red Lace Dress
Pupper/Catto Suit
Pupper Tux Shirt & Collar

8. Sporty Life

Sportswear for humans has many fleeces, t-shirts, tanks, shorts, and more. For pets, it’s just fun to see them in those joggers, running around like they’re all that and a bag of party chow. Your pets can also enjoy showing pride in their favorite sports team, too, by representing them with a sporty jersey.

Pupper Adidog Sweater
Pupper/Catto Sports Jerseys

9. Collared Cutey

We’ve offered up some great items for pets to wear, but some animals like to live wild and free. Either they’re miserable in clothes, or they’re tearing them off as soon as you get it on. Here are some cute collars for your pets!

Pupper Spacy Collar
Catto Avocado Collar

10. Sass-A-Frass

You know what this means. You’ve seen that pet that thinks they’re miss priss. They stare you down, conveying the most dramatic, sassy thoughts. What better way to give them the day than with this paired outfit for owner and pet.

Pupper/Catto Human-“Classy with a side of…” Pet-“Sassy”

11. Momma’s Baby

You know when your pet is all about their momma. They snuggle with momma, they refuse to let anyone near her, and they will follow her to the ends of the earth, or at least to the bathroom. Momma boys and girls are ready to tell the world who the love bestest with this easy-going shirt.

Pupper/Catto “I <3 my mommy” Shirt

12. Warm in Winter

Dress Up Your Pet Day lands in January. That means many pets out there may be experiencing some colder weather. Here are some great sweaters that are stylish and functional!

Pupper Sweater Jacket
Catto Green Striped Sweater

13. Mixed Beasties

You may have a dog or cat, but in their heart of hearts, you know they’re a shark. Or maybe a dinosaur. And who are we to keep them from living their best life? Here are some outfits to help your pet be their true selves.

Pupper/Catto Shark
Pupper/Catto Dinosaur

Maybe you don’t have the money to groom your pet or buy a new outfit. Don’t worry; perhaps all you need for Dress Up Your Pet Day is already in your closet. A simple small T-shirt or a bandana can be perfect for your wonderful pet.

Please remember that not all pets like to dress up. Don’t force it. Let them enjoy the day however they wish. You’re not being left out when you’re simply enjoying connecting with your animal companion.

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