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15 Gift Ideas for Cats and Dogs to Increase Fun and well-being

If you’re looking for something special and beneficial for your cat or dog, check out the list below!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always coming home with something for my kitten every time I’m at the store. While these toys and treats may have positive traits for my growing kit, I want to find more interactive and health-conscious items to help with his wild nature.

The lists below are for cats and/or dogs. These gifts aim to promote your pet’s well-being either through play, connection, and/or health benefits.

For Your Cat

Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys ($7.18)

My kitten loves to bite at anything he can get his jaws on, so this gift is perfect for his growing teeth and sensitive gums. This chew toy isn’t just fun but also helps with dental health!

Catit Creamy, Lickable Cat Treat, Variety, 15 Pack, 4447CP1 ($12.99)

Some cats love a tasty treat to lick up, and then some older cats need ease in consuming their food. These lickable treats are great for cats who have a difficult time with hard food. They come in different flavors: Salmon, Chicken and Liver, and Seafood. The brand suggests a fun idea is to top off your catto’s meal with a dollop of this wet treat!

Petstages Interactive Cat Puzzle, Slow Feeders, and Treat Dispensing Toys (level 1) ($15.99)

Challenge your cat with this interactive cat puzzle. This boosts your cat’s mind, allows them to exert some energy, and it can help slow their eating habits if needed. Start your cat off with level one and then work them up to more complicated puzzles!

KitNipBox ($19.99+)

It’s always fun to receive a care package, and now your cat can enjoy it too! KitNipBox is a cat care package subscription that comes with treats and toys to excite your pet, usually with a theme! If you cannot do a full subscription, this brand offers a cancellation anytime, so no pressure. They also have a dietary box version, which sends an extra toy instead of the treats that your cat may not be able to consume.

YVE LIFE Robotic Interactive Cat Toys for Indoor Cats, Automatic Moving Cat Toys with Large Capacity Battery, Moving Ball/Activity Toys for Kitten/Cats ($21.91)

This gift is excellent for my kitten since he grows bored with inanimate objects. I’m sometimes too busy with work to give him the interaction and movement he needs, so this robotic toy is great for him. It comes with multiple accessory attachments and lights up, which help to promote a hunting instinct. Keep your cat’s mind active with this self-rolling, bumping toy.

For Your Dog

Feeko Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed, Non-Toxic Natural Rubber Long Lasting Indestructible Dog Toys, Tough Durable Puppy Chew Toy for Medium Large Dogs - Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch ($13.85)

Dogs seem to chew threw everything. Might as well give them something a little tougher, promotes dental health, and can be an interactive toy for you to play with your pet. There’s also space to add some treats to help increase your pupper’s interest.

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax ($14.99)

If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions such as snow and ice, this can be a great gift! The dog wax helps protect your pet when walking on icy, hot, or sandy surfaces. This product also helps your pup with cracked paws. Soothe and protect your pet with this natural dog wax!

GALYGG Dog atoms Cleaning, Chewjng, IQ Training, Fetching ($16.99)

Challenge your doggo with this puzzle ball! FIll it with treats and then let them play. This gadget can help exert your pet’s energy, promote thinking, and help take care of your dog’s teeth too. This is yet another toy where you can play with your pet or leave them to enjoy the puzzle ball on their own.

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound - Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys ($19.95)

Another great puzzle for your pet is the Dog Brick. This is an intermediate level puzzle for your pup and works to challenge your dog’s mind. This brand offers many levels to help reduce boredom and increase your pet’s intellect. This particular puzzle has at least 20 spots to place food/treats to engage your pet.

Bark Box ($35/box for 1 month, or less if you sign-up for a subscription)

Here’s a care package for your pup! Either go with one box or subscribe to a set number of months. These boxes come with themed treats and toys. Boost your dog’s excitement and interest with a gift that offers options. If your dog is not satisfied, this brand will work with you to benefit your pet. It’ll be fun for both you and your pet to discover what treasures are to come through the post!

For Your Cat and Dog.

Cat and Dog Matching Sweater -- Lanyar Dog Reindeer Holiday Pet Clothes Sweater for Dogs Puppy Kitten Cats, Classic Red ($10.98+)

While this gift is theme-specific for the winter season, you can find clothes for any time of the year and for any reason. I’m particular to this one because I decided to gift my kitten and my parents’ dog with matching sweaters for the winter. I want to keep them warm as we travel and spend time outside while also seeing our pets’ twinnin’ cuteness!

Please note you should be careful when putting clothes on pets who do not want them. If your pet shows great disdain for the items, don’t force them. This could affect their mental health.

Pet Bed -- Furhaven Pet - Plush Orthopedic Sofa, Ergonomic Contour Mattress, Self-Warming Hi Lo Cuddler, Calming Anti-Anxiety Hooded Donut Dog Bed and More for Dogs and Cats - Multiple Styles, Sizes, and Colors ($35.99 - depending on size and style)

Many of us love a good, comfy bed. The same can be said for our pets. This bed is excellent for keeping your pet cool in warmer temperatures and provides orthopedic support to help soothe your pet while they sleep. It comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes to match your and/or your pet’s personality.

Animal Reiki Sessions ($150)

Help your pet’s healing needs with an Animal Reiki session. Your pet loves reiki wants to support you and your pet through whatever healing process they need, from anxiety to aches and pains. This does not replace going to the veterinarian, but it will help to promote positive energy and healing. Book a session here.

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy & Alexa Built-In, for Cats & Dogs. 1080P HD Video, 160° Full-Room View, 2-Way Audio, Sound/Motion Alerts, Night Vision, Pet Monitoring App ($149.00)

This is a great gift for not only your active pet but for you as well. This camera allows you to check in on your pet from your phone. It also has a laser pointer system that’s connected to your phone so you can play with your pet while you’re away. Not to mention it allows you to talk with your pet! Check-in with them or call out to them when you catch them being naughty. In any case, this piece of high tech allows you to connect with your pet when you can’t be home with them.

Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser & Alexa Built-in, for Dogs and Cats. 1080p HD Video, 160° Full-Room View, 2-Way Audio, Sound/Motion Alerts, Night Vision, Pet Monitor ($169.00)

Taking the camera and laser toy tech in a different direction is this camera and treat dispenser. You can mount it up to a wall or leave it on a shelf. This toy allows you to call out to your pet even when you’re not at home and throw them a treat as you watch them from your phone. It’s sound sensitive, so if your dog starts barking, you can be alerted and check in on them. It’s a great system to keep connected with your pet from afar and give them treats for being such good puppers and cattos!

Enjoy playing and connecting with your pet through these suggest gifts. Hopefully, they brighten you and your pet’s day and bring positive benefits to your animal companion! Let us know what your pets think of their gifts.

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