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5 Easy Ways to Change a Pet’s Life

Look ahead to see how to give an animal a stroke of good fortune.

When you think of ways to change a pet’s life, your mind might wander to adoption. No need to panic! That’s not the only way to make a difference. 

Animal shelters and rescues are always in need of help. The suggestions below may seem familiar, but hopefully, you’ll find new ideas on how to provide support to your local animal shelter.

1. Shop Through Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is an excellent opportunity to support a charity by buying products you already want from Amazon. Surprisingly, this path of donation is not more well known.

Amazon marks billions of its products as “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation.” When you buy one of these marked items, at no extra cost, 0.5% of the purchase price goes to your chosen charity. You can change a pet’s life by selecting one of the many animal charities found through Amazon Smile, such as ASPCA, Young Williams Animal Center, The Humane Society, Last Hope (Animal Rescue), and more.

2. Shelter/Rescue Wish Lists

Another great avenue to assist animal shelters and rescues is through their Amazon Wish Lists or Chewy Wish Lists. Look up your local animal shelter to see if they posted a link to their wish list. Here is an example of the Los Angeles Animal Services webpage that shares their Amazon link. It also shows a written list of needed materials, which helps if you don’t have an Amazon account. 

If you don’t see a shelter’s link, you can call or email asking if they have an online wish list. This can be a quick and easy way to help. Especially if you’re thinking of doing something for Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24th.

3. Directly Donate to a Shelter

The old tried-and-true way to support a pet is through direct donations. Many shelters explain where the donations go: medical needs, microchipping, and food. While the above wish lists provide specific products needed, this form of assistance is beneficial to a pet’s health and wellbeing.

Direct donations are not a lesser option. Money donations allow shelters to allocate where the money is needed most.

Work with your friends, school, or workplace to raise money as a creative and community-building way to help pets in shelters.  

4. Provide Your Time and Expertise

Volunteering is terrific if you’re able to do it. Contact your local animal shelter or rescue and ask them if they need volunteers. This kind of work could range from cleaning to walking dogs. However, you can also volunteer your expertise.

The Human Society asked, “do you have experience as a carpenter or electrician? Are you a marketing or dog walking whiz? All of these skills are valuable!” Even if you’re not proficient in any particular field, most people these days know their way around social media. Create fun posts about animals up for adoption or how others can support shelters and rescues! 

When helping to change a pet’s life, try thinking outside of the litter box. Such as, Animal Reiki practitioners can offer their services. Many animals in shelters and rescues go through mental, emotional, and/or physical changes, and animal reiki practitioners can support those pets. Inform your local shelter about what animal reiki is and how it can benefit their animals.

5. Give a Gift to Workers

Help a pet by helping those that care for them! 

The shelter employees work hard to better the lives of animals. They sweat, care, and bring joy to pets by introducing them to their forever homes.

Support these workers by giving them a gift card for coffee, or you can drop off tasty human treats! Everyone enjoys being appreciated, so show your thanks for their fantastic work.

Change a Pet’s Life Day is essential in reminding people to raise awareness of helping animal rescues and shelters. Maybe you or a friend long to adopt a pet but haven’t found the time to do so yet. Well, here’s your encouragement!

Nevertheless, if you’re not able to adopt, hopefully, the above suggestions have enlightened you on how easy it is to help in other ways. Whatever you’re able to give: time, money, social media space, or a home, go out and change a pet’s life today!

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