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Carmem's Story

Left Outside Alone

Carmem was a cat rescued in a high-speed avenue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Someone left her to die there. Can you believe it? Nurses that worked in a hospital in front of the place she was left posted on Cat Lovers Facebook Group that there was a cat there.

A dear friend of mine rescued Carmem, unaware that she was being recorded by the same nurses that posted the information, and the whole thing was so risky that she ended up in the local news.

The Power of Reiki

When I heard about the news, I offered to include Carmem in a collective Reiki project I have, in which I send Reiki for 21 days. As they are group transmissions,  they work more subtly, and I thought it would be the best as a "first movement" for her since she already had a lot to take in.

After two weeks that Carmem was rescued, she was still very fragile and in shock. My friend called me, so I decided to do a 1:1 30 min session live via video conference. Right after the session, we could see her pupils.

On the following day, I received this video with a voice message:

"I wanted to thank you endlessly! Look at this! She never let anyone touch her, and now Silvia is caressing her! I put her in the sun, and she let Silvia caress!"

Carmem’s New Home

Finally, we also found someone to adopt Carmem, and as I checked in if Carmem needed any more sessions before moving to her new home, my friend told me she was absolutely great! I asked for her testimonial to share with all of you, and here is what she sent me:

"After I rescued her, she was in shock. For 15 days she would not let anyone come near her. She only ate, drank, and went in the sandbox when the house was totally quiet, and the room she was in was locked. She was not getting any better. The worst day of her behavior was when we spoke, and you then decided to do the "face-to-face" session with her through video conference. It was a day-and-night change. She had an abrupt improvement very fast. Now it's been a week since you did the session. So she was in shock for 15 days, and after the face-to-face session, she has been improving and evolving daily since then. Thank you so much! I still can't believe it!"

We were happy to be a part of the group of people that took care of Carmem. There were many people involved: vets, people trying to find a new owner, etc.  Thank you, Mariana, for the opportunity to join this love collective even from far away.

Carmem is now happy and at her new owner's house!

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