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A Dash of This, A Dash of That Provides Major Impact: Animal Reiki and Massage Therapy

Reiki is NOT a massage, but the treatments make quite a complementing duo.

Our pets depend on us to help make sure they are in tip-top health.

When they’re sick, we take them to the veterinarian, groom them when they need cleaning, and snuggle them when they seem to need extra love.

These are all pieces of a healthy lifestyle.

But what about extra steps to provide the purfect comfort and healing for our animal companions? Some people enjoy and find relief through massages. Some partake in a session of Reiki to help with their health and energy flow. These treatments aren’t only for humans; your pet can enjoy them too!

Let’s Mix ‘Em Together

Nina L. Paul lets us know in Reiki for Dummies that “any type of treatment that uses a hands-on approach is a natural partner for Reiki.” So let’s get our Animal Reiki hands-on with Massage Therapy!

Any type of treatment that uses a hands-on approach is a natural partner for Reiki.

These two treatments pair well because they can provide a relaxed state for the animal and allow for deeper healing through physical touch and life energy. The benefits of Animal Reiki are through helping with anxiety, nervousness, and emotional and physical pains. According to Walk and Wag, the benefits of massages is that it “relieves stress and postoperative pain and reduces anxiety, muscle tension, and pain.” It also “increases range of motion, lowers blood pressure, and promotes relaxation.”

Increases range of motion, lowers blood pressure, and promotes relaxation.

It's understandable to question why you would want both treatments when they hold such similarities. But really, what's wrong with the additional treatment that may intensify the healing?

Also, there is a greater chance that your pet's life energy is not fully reached through massage alone. Don't miss out on the cleansing and healing nature of Reiki because another treatment sounds like it could do the same. They are different treatments, but they work great together.

If you can benefit and enjoy some relief through these treatments, so can your furry friend. Not only is this a chance to help improve health, but it also doubles as a way to spoil your pet. Give your furry loved one something to help soothe them, relax them, and get them in a positive mindset.

But Before You Blend Animal Reiki and Massage

It’s important to go to a vet when your pet is not well. In conjunction with that, it can also be beneficial to look into Animal Reiki and Massage therapy. Before you do, there are some things you need to be aware of when trying to treat your animal.

  1. You need to be a certified professional to practice Animal Reiki.
  2. Some states allow certified professionals to practice Animal Massage Therapy, while others require that only veterinarians provide the treatment. You can also check with your veterinarian board to learn who can legally offer this treatment.
  3. Talk with your practitioner about the reason you brought your pet to them. Let them know what may be harmful during the session. Is there any emotional or physical trauma? You might not be there for that aspect, but it’s best to disclose, so they are fully aware of what they should and shouldn’t do during the session.

If your pet will receive both Animal Reiki and a massage from one practitioner, make sure they are certified for both treatments.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have two practitioners provide either treatment. In fact, many Reiki practitioners may suggest you seek massage therapy for your animal. In doing so, your furry friend can receive some the tremendous benefits mentioned above.

These treatments can be beneficial to all sorts of animals. Ranging from your lizard to your show horse. Please remember these treatments are meant to accompany seeking your vet’s help and not in place of going to the vet. You want to give your animal family the best chance of healing and relaxation.

The certified practitioner(s) you work with on treating your pet through Animal Reiki and Massage are there to help you provide the safest zone and healing for your loved one. If they make any suggestion towards a treatment that could help your animal through their ailment, it’s worth taking a gander.

Your pet loves Reiki is happy to help suggest where you can go, and we offer sessions for Animal Reiki. Please let us know how we can help you and your animal companion.

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